Wednesday, January 14, 2009

IDF Crimes?

This video appears to show the IDF using a civilian as cover. If this video is correct, I suspect that the investigation will get some IDF court-martialed and jailed. There is no similar accounting for immoral practices on the other side of the battle-field... only a nation that is democratic in nature and Judeo-Christian in its “public philosophy” can say that such an act is morally reprehensible - ontologically speaking. I will try and follow this story, but I would be remiss not to show it, as we (conservatives) should be against all such uses of civilians in an outright militaristic manner.

By-the-by. For my fellow Christians who are reading this blog, may I recommend a book that will give new light and breath fresh ideas into the whole Middle-East conflict while drawing you closer to the Scriptures (whether you disagree or agree with the opinions of the author). The book is entitle Israelestine:

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