Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Zealand News - CATO

New Zealand has made it on CATO’s list of freest economies... usually right under or over the United States. The transfer of private industry to government control in the U.S. will drop us down the totem poll, so-to-speak. So to goes this way - New Zealand. I suspect the next time CATO comes out with the list and it includes the 2008-2009 index, we will have both slid.

UPDATE: upon reading this further, New Zealand looks like it has a choice in which direction it goes... it could slide further UP the scale as well. I hope it chooses to slide up.

...The Herald expects the report of the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance will recommend a bold shake-up of local government, including radical proposals for an executive mayor along the lines of London and the creation of a super city council.

The super city will stretch 140km from Pukekohe in the south to Wellsford in the north.

With 1.4 million people, it will be the largest city under one council in Australasia.

It is not known what the commission has in mind for the region's four city councils, three district councils, one regional council and community boards.

One option is to abolish the existing councils for smaller "community councils" with elected leaders.

In another bold move, the commission will almost certainly recommend the mayor and new council become more involved in the social needs of the region, such as affordable housing....