Thursday, January 15, 2009

Inner Workings - GOP

I hope it is Steele and her. God Bless the GOP (props to Hip-Hop Republican):

...As the RNC Co-chair, Amoore states that her focus will be to work closely with the RNC Chair to meet priorities established for the Republican Party, to gather ideas and input from rank and file Republicans, to “put our Party back on track,” to engage the media, and to provide leadership to help the party gain “new campaign” tactical capabilities.

“We need our Washington leaders to get back to basic principles - the Republican conservative principles that have gained the trust of Americans since the presidency of Ronald Reagan,” added Amoore.

“Cutting taxes, standing for smaller government, moving towards a balanced federal budget, support for families, embracing and spreading economic opportunity, and protecting the American way of life have been hallmarks of our Party and our leadership,” concluded Amoore. “That’s what we need from our Party leaders in Washington and that’s exactly what I’ll do if elected in January.”

The RNC will elect its new slate of officers at its January 28, 2008 meeting....