Sunday, October 04, 2009

Libertarian Republican Making Some Valid Points About CNN

A small-town newspaper in northwestern Montana caught this odd report from the Cable News Network. CNN's crack investigative reporter Carol Costello did a segment on the frustration Americans have with the two major parties. The segment was focused on how the Centrist Middle is now considering the third party alternative.

Instead of choosing the Libertarian Party, America's Third Largest Party since the early 1980s to highlight as an example, she went with the Communists.

Costello highlighted a candidate in Cleveland from the Communist Party, who is also a registered Democrat. The Communist Party is on zero ballots in the US. They have no elected officials.

In contrast, the Libertarian Party has ballot access in some 45 states, and has over 500 elected officials serving in public office from Mayors to Town Councilman to School Boards. The Party runs 800 to 1,000 candidates nationwide for public office each election cycle....

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