Saturday, October 03, 2009

Commies vs. Marine Corp (Libertarian Republican h/t)

by Denise "Steelerbabe" Clarks, The Right Stuff

The administration of the Empire State Building has capitulated to Communism by lighting the tower in red and yellow to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Communist China.

Back in November of 2008, however, the same administration denied a request from the U.S. Marine Corps to have the tower lit up in scarlet and gold to honor the Corps' 233rd birthday.

By now, it is a known fact that the Empire State Building was lit up to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the formation of Communist China. God help this country.

Last year, the Marine Corps had asked that the landmark be lit up in scarlet and gold on November 10 to honor the 233rd birthday of the Corps. They were flat-out told no. But yet it'll be lit up for the same kind of ideology the Corps has fought against for so long??? The world has turned upside down.

Also last year, the building changed its colors to honor such occasions as The Cat Fancier's Association's Cat Championship, the release of Mariah Carey's album, and the 58th anniversary of the European Union. Why not for the Marine Corps?

Building officials said an anniversary as obscure as a 233rd doesn't meet their "standard" for lighting events. An album release or a cat convention does? What the hell is wrong with this picture?

For the owners and administrators of the Empire State Building to disrespect this country and the Marine Corps like this is outrageous. Not only is it unpatriotic, but I would add that it borders on giving comfort to potential enemies. I guess they figure if the White House will fly the Chinese flag, then lighting a tower must be the right thing to do.

I recently commented that I'd like to visit New York City once in my life. With all the crap happening there from this incident to wanting to ban smoking outside, I won't be taking a bite of the Big Apple. I'll spend my tourist dollars elsewhere... like Cleveland.

Editor's Note - Denise is known on LR blog comments as "Black & Gold"