Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Interesting Connection (I did check my Strong's... right on the money) -- Update

UPDATE: Also a Junker Jorge h/t:

Hey. I had gotten this some time ago. See my response below (and by the way, this video is a pretty huge subject of humor for the scholars here at the seminary):

Well, to begin with, the narrator states unequivocally that Jesus would have spoken Aramaic. That is possible, but not a foregone conclusion. Koine Greek was the vernacular of the day, which is why the New Testament was written in it. It's entirely likely that He spoke Greek.

Nevertheless, had He, as the author contends, spoken Aramaic, "lightning from heaven" would be "baraq m-shamayim." The Greek word for "heaven" always corresponds to the Hebrew word "shamayim."

On the other hand, the author says that "baraq o bama" translates as "lightning from heaven." He is wrong. For one thing, the conjunction "waw" or "vav" means "and" (not “from”) and is never pronounced as "o" or "u" as he contends. The guy is obviously not a linguist or a Hebrew or Greek scholar.

Hope this helps.