Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Missional, or, Experential?

I have a different take on this. I think these "missionaries" and church are merely providing a place for this behavior to continue unabated. They are almost, like the school system passing out condoms to 6th graders, they are playing the role of an enabler. Almost endorsing what is happening there. Now, that isn't to say that some are touched by this outreach, nor do I know the extent of the church's contact and partnering with rehabs that would help these persons (if they ask) to get off of the addiction they are on. However, I am here going to comment on the information offered. I think these people are doing what they think Christ would do... but are in reality fulfilling some desire in themselves to be Christ like. Which is unfortunate, because it is their desire being fulfilled and not God's plan. Of course, I could be way off, I realize that God can use even us (me included) to His greater plan/will despite us, and meets people where they are at -- and if one person is brought to the Lord because of this, it is God sending out a team for that one lost sheep.