Monday, October 05, 2009

There's a Cross in Them Thar Hills (Mojave Cross and the State of Religion in America)

FOX - Sept 17th

CNN - Oct 5th

...before entering into a defense of this cross. If you know you are headed towards using this topic get the person to commit to the horrible act of the Taliban in blowing up the historic Buddha statues in Afghanistan. They will usually agree with you that this was a horrible act of reliogious intolerance (mainly because it is a religious belief other-than Christianity). Now you are set to see if they comport to their own standard.

A reminder:

SNOPES: 1934 the cross was originally erected of wood. Later it was fashioned out of metal. In 1994 this area became Federal land, and here we are, the ACLU found a person (a Catholic mind you, who is use to seeing crosses) who objected to it being on Federal land....