Thursday, April 16, 2009

An old Blog... Reposted For No Reason... Enjoy

  • STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING in the comments section (found Here). As usual I have to put this warning up because a left leaning person has once again decided that strong language somehow makes a point more forcefully.

...I would say enjoy, but, only those who can quote Rise Against may like the video.

CAUTION, this video is full of “cards,” like, “for the children…” as well as misrepresentations about what the Constitution allows for, like Article II, Section 2, which was the most non-discussed item during the formation of the Constitution, so it was defined during the Civil War. And like it or not, this definition sticks. In other words, the President is Commander in Chief of the military; he has a Constitutional right to protect us from future events like 9/11. The Constitution, on the other hand, does not allow for private health-care for “the children.” (more about that at the end.) I can almost see Ron Paul and Chamberlin holding that piece of paper up and declaring, “this means peace in our time.”

Before watching the video… listen to this caller get the “smack down” by Medved. So when you hear numbers being thrown around… these same numbers were thrown around at Reagan's feet constantly. No more Berlin wall, and hopefully, a change in Islamo-Fascism to a more moderate view. Reagan could have failed, Bush may… time will tell… this in no ways means that Reagan – if he failed – would have not been right in what he was trying to do, just like Bush – if he fails – was not right in what he did.

This video is full of mistruths, misconceptions, and conspiracy theories. I post it here because a reader mentioned it, but I doubt he will be able to pick a subject out of it and defend it. A few years back many would tell me that “Bush stole the election.” In fact, this is what a visual arts teacher told my son and his classmates in the classroom setting, even mentioning Jeb Bush and the disenfranchisement of black voters (the teacher is obviously a Michael Moore fan), So I wrote a letter to the teacher and the principle, and guess what, the teacher couldn’t back her position and neither could all the people who told me the same thing. Come on folks, use your heads!

What W. did was when a call comes into our country from another country from a number that is a possible terror link (like the numbers taken from the computer of the guy who planned 9/11), or visa-versa, when a number is called from this country to another country and either person is on a watch list, then those calls should and could be monitored.

The girl holding the sign about an illegal war has no clue as to the legality of resuming the war with Saddam. It wasn’t a pre-emptive war, it was resumptive. I debated a professor from Michigan U who died on this hill. A U.N. treaty/cease-fire was brokered between Iraq and the United States/and he allies which made mention that if Saddam didn’t disarm in a short amount of time, we could legally resume the war. The fact alone that our fighter pilots were fired upon almost daily in the “no-fly zone” was reason enough, legally, to resume the war, let alone the other reasons mentioned above already in a link.

No money for kids… Why would a Ron Paul guy show this video??? Ron Paul wants to shut down all social programs (yes, socialized health-care would be gone forever). Welfare is gone with Ron Paul, let alone some health bill that demands private insurance companies to insure kids. This is where my commentary has to stop. My fellow politico at work says this all-the-time. He cannot understand why Liberals and Democrats want Ron Paul, he is a strict Libertarian… every Dept., except maybe for five mentioned in the Articles of Confederation, would be on his list to shut down. This video complains about something that would not even come to Ron Paul’s desk if Ron Paul had his way!? If it did, he would veto it as well. Oh, so frustrating.