Monday, April 13, 2009

Underestimation (Station)

We are still finishing up the project. We thought we would be done with this project in a few days... HA! The tile looks great... we are painting and caulking the boys tub/shower as well as repainting their bathroom. The new sofa, loveseat, and chair are coming tomorrow. Then we have to paint the new molding and the living room. Then comes the part where I have to move in the books BACK into the house. Hardware for the plugs, lightswitches, new "foyer" light and hall light need to be put up. The the 3-way light switch in our kitchen needs to be properly wired for the firrst time we have lived here. And the blown AC/heting unit because I miswired the new thermostat (if anyone knows a good/cheap I know... impossible combination... heating-air guy, let me know). I wil be back soon, hopefully nicer than the response I left the guy on my "Urantia Book Conversation At Starbucks." Not very "Christian" of me.