Friday, January 02, 2009

Wrong Side of History - As Usual!

Wrong side of history:

"(During the Cold War) liberals were, almost without exception, inclined to excuse, justify, or ignore the grave sins of our adversaries while always calling down the harshest possible judgement on America." -- P. 11

Liberals fought our interventions in these countries:

"Of the three nations that so preoccupied the United States during the 1980s -- El Salvador, Grenada (briefly), and Nicaragua -- all are now free and democratic. Had liberal policies prevailed, it is questionable whether any would be free today." -- P. 227

Finger pointing, when the log was in their eye:

"Time and time again throughout the latter part of the Cold War, liberals chose a morally perverse pose. They would seek to find any suspect motive or impure act on the part of the United States rather than confront the staggering scale of destruction and misery being wrought by our adversaries." -- P. 261