Wednesday, March 11, 2009

John Crowder, Ben Dunn, and Todd Bentley -- Bad "Drunken" Theology (& possible demonic connections)

One of the key phrases I got out of this is that, to quote Crowder, (at about 2:20 in), that "Jesus died so you could be happy." This is just bad Christian theology as well as praxology. Yes, we are suppose to live above our circumstances and in the promises of Scripture, but Jesus died not for our happiness, but for so much more than our current subjective, finite, feelings.

There are three other videos at this persons site of the Russian guy and some of his friends getting a little bit of "the drunken glory," so called, but this is the main video I wish to highlight here in getting it known. I am downloading it just in case it "disappears" from the hands of the critics. There are other videos that i wish to highlight here... they are shorter and show more "drunken glory" (what they consider "revival") that has its roots ultimately in the Word Faith movement and "Holy Laughter."

Crowder "Raps"

In this "rap"/"song," Ben Dunn tells sickness and cancer to leave the body while a gal does the robot:

Ben Dunn here shows his note from a doctor that lets authorities in airports and other authorities know that Jeff breaks out in religious ecstasy, the "drunken glory." He also teaches some bad theology and displays some "drunken glory" and a bad version of tongues. Third world countries and peoples lives are also referred to as "garbage dumps." We are suppose to be "whacked," just in case you didn't know.

And last but not least, here is Crowder talking about being in two places at once. This is the height of the postmodern movements rejection of logic. This is a great display of the marrying of bad theology and praxology with the rejection of truth. False healings and miracles are mentioned as well:

Todd Bentley passing out "drunken 'revival':"