Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gold Dust, Gems, and All Sorts of Fake Miracles (yes... all sorts - as you will see)

An interesting set of miracles that have come out of the false movement started with the Word Faith movement but moved into all forms of heretical teaching, teachers, is that of gold dust or gens appearing at "revivals." I will post some examples so the viewer can get a good taste of some "crazy 'Christians,'" more like, charlatans.

"Glory Gold," it turned out to be "glory glitter:"

False miracles in Puerto Rico... the only thing these "revivalists" seem to be exporting is false teaching and charlatan type practices (oil, gems, gold dust):

Here is one of the oldest tricks in the book, legs growing in length:

I had to include this "Pee Pee Miracle." (Crowder and Dunn.) I am waiting for a reply from a medical doctor that goes to our church with the question of, "what would happen if a person couldn't pee/urinate for 6-month." I will post his reply

People in apparent home churches finding gems and gold dust from heaven:

Oil, and gem dust discussed as miraculous. Also, the lady will not wash her blouse (Monika flash back):

This guy (after gold dust is filmed), talks about being on a 6-month fast... yeah right!

Bathing with this miraculous soap can heal cancer, stop people from going to jail, and the like. I almost do not blame atheists if this is all they see:

Everyone wants in on this! This guy as well... what is the physchology behind this?

Here's a montage of oil, gems, gold dust: