Thursday, April 03, 2008

Yes, This is Rev. Wright's/Obama's Legacy

This is thanks to Michelle Malkin.

Pfleger is, in the words of blogger Sultan Knish, “the white Jeremiah Wright”–another long-time Obama supporter endorser and angry, Farrakhan-defending, jihad-apologizing, Jew-basher who also once threatened to “snuff” out gun rights supporters in Chicago.

Here’s vid of one of Pfleger’s spit-flecked sermons/diatribes:

Below is another imported article from Jill Stanek's Pro-Life website:

I have received a series of emails from a man who tried to correspond with Fr. Michael Pfleger on his support of Obama for president....

Pfleger is an infamous Chicago Catholic priest, a white guy pastoring at a south side black church, St. Sabina's. No one can touch Pflger because his people there love him and because he does do some good.

pfleger%20far.jpgBut Pfleger is a bold-faced liberal who clearly identifies with blacks more than God or his church.

In 2003 I was part of a pro-life picket when Pfleger invited pro-abort Al Sharpton to speak from the pulpit during Mass one Sunday.

Last year Pfleger had Louis Farrakhan in to speak.

Also last year Pfleger, while demontrating outside a Chicago gun shop with Jesse Jackson, threatened, "We're going to snuff out [shop owner] John Riggio. We're going to snuff out legislators that are voting against our gun laws." He got in trouble for that one.

And no surprise, Pfleger supports Obama and has for a long time. He said last January, "I think Barack Obama is in a class of his own. I think he is the best thing that has come across the political scene since Bobby Kennedy...."

As you can see above, Pfleger has also contributed to Obama. And here was his response when my email friend wrote him about Obama's support of live birth abortion among many other afronts to the Bible: