Tuesday, April 01, 2008

(VIDEO) PA. Sen. Casey Endorses Obama -- Amidst Upside Down American Flags!!!

Video News Alert

I saw this footage on FOXNews, but no mention of this upside down flag was ever mentioned. I posted about it as soon as I saw it, and a surfer found my blog on it and posted the video, HURRAY FOR EARNEST-TELLER!!!

At any rate, Earnest-Teller should contact World Net Daily and/or Hot Air about his video. I am posting it here. I hope it makes you upset. These are Democrats in the audience watching one Democrat endorse another Democrat... just in case there is any misunderstanding. I would comment that the flag waver agrees with the anti-American sentiments that Obama and his wife Michelle have for this great country.

Take Note of this video - for instance - of this anti-American flavor in the followers of Obama. this is from my previous blog ("Insane Lefties") on the subject: