Tuesday, June 19, 2007

YouTube Banning Anything Anti-Muslim... Again

YouTube's War on Anti-Islamic Freedom of Speech

Did YouTube pulled this video… Hmmmm? I wonder why?? Maybe because the Political Correctness over there is in high gear. Tolerance has no meaning when applied to Judeo-Christian aspects of the faith. But if someone is thought to be intolerant to Islam, videos are erased, books are pulled, all in the name of tolerance! The video was posted originally at Hot Air.

There is another alternative to this story, but it doesn’t bode well for Islam. Jeff Dunham and his ventriloquist act with “Achmed the dead terrorist” could have been pulled by Jeff Dunham himself asking it to be. Why? Maybe he was threatened by the “Religion of Peace”? Who knows? Both scenarios are possible.

Here is the old video imbed:

Here is the new video from “Live Leak”