Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quote Time

I Came across a quote today from an Amazon.com reviewer, reviewing the book Evolution and Other Fairy Tales, that I really enjoyed. And I wanted to share it with any of the readers that visit my modest blog, slash, “must read articles” site. I changed the quote very slightly for presentation reasons.

Years ago, the late great Fulton Sheen made the startling statement that the rarest thing in the world today is… “an argument”:

“...Because so few are thinking, naturally there are found but a few to argue. Prejudice there is in abundance and sentiment too, for these are things born of enthusiasm without the pain of labor. Thinking on the contrary, is a difficult task; it is the hardest work man can do-that is perhaps why so few indulge in it. Thought-saving devices have been invented that rival labor-saving devices in their ingenuity. Fine sounding phrases like ‘Life is bigger than logic,’ or ‘Progress is the spirit of the age,’ go rattling by us like express trains, carrying with them the burden of those who are too lazy to think for themselves. Not even philosophers argue today; they only explain away. At best, both sides may shoot off firecrackers, creating the illusion of conflict, but it is only a sham battle in which there are no casualties; there are plenty of explosions, but never an exploded argument.”