Thursday, April 01, 2010

Video Trouble Led Me To Vimeo -- A Bloggers Paradise

I had just paid to upgrade my account from the free Motionbox account to their premium. Fine. I was happy, finally a place to host my videos officially. Then one of my videos was linked to (more specifically, HERE). At any rate I didn't know the premium package had a limit on how many views it was alotted. So after being connected to Robert Spencer's site, they shut that video down. Motionbox wanted me to upgrade to a pro membership. So I have left and have joined Vimeo. Vimeo's paid account saves me $239.89 a year. Yes, you heard me correctly. In order to upgrade to pro I would have to fork over another $239.99.

So if I can encourage people to go to Vimeo and pay their $59.99 a year membership, you get all you need as a blogger for posting videos. And if they "blow up," no worries, Vimeo loves that... that means more business will come their way. It seems to me Motionbox is chasing theirs away. At any rate, I have a new account that I will be transferring my videos to. Sorry for any downtime to some videos, and let me know if one of my videos is missing, it helps. You can find me here in greener pastures -- a "bloggers heaven":