Friday, April 02, 2010

17-Year Old "Black Widow" Bomber (before and after photos to show what a religion founded by a "Jin" does to someone)

A chilling photograph of the baby-faced teenager shows her dressed in a black hijab posing with her late husband who has his arm around her, emerged yesterday as she was confirmed as one of the attackers by the National Anti-Terror Committee.

The couple are shown clutching pistols in their right hands, while the young girl is doing her defiant best to ooze terrorist chic. Another picture shows her posing with a hand grenade. 

The girl, named as Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova, was from a small village in Dagestan, a volatile predominantly Muslim republic in southern Russia that borders Chechnya. 

It was in Dagestan that Islamist radicals carried out a double suicide bombing that killed twelve people just two days after the Moscow metro bombings. The local authorities had already identified Dzhennet as someone who was inclined towards extremism. 

She met the leader of Dagestan's Islamist rebel underground, Umalat Magomedov, 30, over the internet when she was 16-year-old years old and they were said by some to have been married. However, it is understood he had practically abducted her in keeping with ancient local tradition and whether their marriage was official remains unclear.

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The "AFTER PHOTO" should be seen by those who have the stomach, it is at The Sun's story on it. Let's just say this religion, from its inception, has been militaristic and has worshiped death.