Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some Muslim News

A couple of stories from Politically Incorrect

The paedophilic zealots of the Prophet can breathe more easily now. Islam consitently resists modern trends and holds fast to the tradition of marrying little girls. Islamic clergy declared lately that a ban on child marriage is un-Islamic and an endorsement for apostates. [mehr]

Hostility to Jews in Scandinavia is becoming ever more menacing with the swelling of the Muslim population there (PI reported). Only around 1,300 Norwegians are of Jewish faith (in contrast to 150,000 Muslims), however they are seen as the root of all evil, and therefore they are mortally threatened, as even the report on Deutschlandfunkreveals. Above all, Jewish schoolchildren are becoming victims of discrimination, racism, threats, harassments and mobbing. [mehr] now