Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Compilation of Evidential Arguments Against "Birthers" -- As Well As Dr. Smaples Giving Christians A Rough Outline On How To Tackle Bad Thinking

I am not here saying that there will not be evidence in the future that would persuade me, that would be closed minded. What I am saying is that the evidence that exists exists in totality on one side... and it is not the birther's side.

This subject has hurt the conservative cause. Many man hours were spent on this rather than fighting against Obama's agenda. One case in point is G. Gordon Liddy, whom I enjoy normally. But I would have rather had his voice already sounding the health-care alarm on the Chris Matthew's show rather than this crazy conspiracy stuff: "These Guys are Embarrassing Us!  G. Gordon Liddy Gets Worked by Chris  Matthews on Obama's Birth Certificate." Time and energy lost.


Issues Etc Radio Interviews Ken Samples (of Reasons to Believe) About Testing Conspiracy Theories In Light of Truth Claims.