Friday, July 24, 2009

These Guys are Embarrassing Us! G. Gordon Liddy Gets Worked by Chris Matthews on Obama's Birth Certificate)

(I hate using the "Crazy Cons" tag, but it is there for a reason, OH, this h/t goes out to a girl in Florida, Miss Korey)

For once Chris knows what it feels like to be a Conservative with the weight of evidence on his side... this is usually a conservative in Chris's chair and a Lib in Gordon's. NIGHTMARE!!!

CONSERVATIVES, LISTEN UP... tune into Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, or Hugh Hewitt! (In other words, argue from our strengths, positions based on economy, philosophy, and free markets.) Turn off Sean Hannity, G. Gordo, and other whackoes who preach this stuff about birth certificates and an "Amero." Let the Left control the conspiracy corner.

Here it is, I would be remiss not to post it and very partisan instead of following the evidence where it goes: