Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This Is Leftist Comedy At Its BEST! Joe Scarborough Holds Back

This is from NewsBusters (Sparks Fly on Morning Joe After Joan Walsh Unable to Name Leftwing Extremists). I found this at HotAir (Comedy gold: Salon editor can’t name any extreme voices on the left)... what a great example of the Left just being absolutely clueless about the religion they preach to us. The Salon editor mentions Rush before being cut-off... NewsBusters points out the obvious.  Too funny! Here's HotAirs short Commentarry:
No, the funny part is that Scarborough and Brzezinski do have someone in mind and it’s painfully clear to everyone on set — except Walsh — who that person is. If you follow the MSNBC soap opera, it’s also painfully clear why Joe and Mika can’t name him, but between the hand gestures, facial expressions, and Scarborough cracking up with laughter at their dilemma, I dare say you’ll be able to figure it out. (In case you’re struggling, here’s a tiny hint!) Exit question: Couldn’t they at least have named Frank Rich?

Here's NewsBusters:

Hot sparks flew on the set of MSNBC's Morning Joe today igniting a brief but entertaining firestorm. The cause? Joan Walsh somehow being unable to name any leftwing extremists. This set off an angry reaction from co-host Mika Brzezinski which included a funny impersonation of a conveniently clueless Walsh. It was one of those moments that needs to be viewed in order to be fully appreciated but here is a transcript of the heated exchange:
JOE SCARBOROUGH: ...I think it helps us all to say there are extreme voices on the left, there are extreme voices on the right, and it's our responsibility to call out people, I believe, on our side.

JOAN WALSH: Who would you have me call out? I mean who would you say on the left is comparable to Rush and...

SCARBOROUGH: Don't do it.

MIKA BREZEZINSKI: Mmm-mmm! No thanks, Joan. We're good. We're good.

SCARBOROUGH: Can we talk about the Chinese now?

MIKA: I think it's all very obvious.

WALSH: Is it obvious? Who on the left is comparable to Rush and Glenn on the right?

MIKA: Okay, Joan, if it's not obvious to you I'll talk to you off-set. I mean, my God! Alright so let's read from the Washington Post...

SCARBOROUGH: We'll talk off-set.

WALSH: Okay...

MIKA: Seriously, it's like BLIP... BLIP... BLIP... right in front of you and you're like [imitates willfully clueless Walsh] "I'm sorry, I don't see it!"
A shocked Walsh was left with her mouth hanging open over Mika's hilarious but dead on impersonation as she pleaded to Willie Geist: "Wow! Willie, help me out here!"

Willie wouldn't help Walsh out but your humble correspondent will. You want the names of some leftwing extremists, Joan? Okay, here are a few names:

This is only a very abbreviated list of crazed leftwing extremists, Joan, but I hope it proves useful if you are asked to identify a few in your next Bluebook exam presented to you by Mika.

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