Monday, December 07, 2009

Secret Service vs. Bumper Sticker ("Kill Obama-care before it kills you")

According to a retired couple who called into the Michael Medved show (which I heard... to which I will post the audio when I get it), the following occurred:

The Secret Service were dispatched from Omaha Nebraska this week, WHY?

To question a retired couple because of a bumper sticker on their car that was so terrible and threatening that 911 was called by some idiot and the Nebraska Highway patrol pulled them over and detained them until the Secret Service arrived. What did that terrible sticker say,

Kill Obama-care before it kills you!

According to the gentlemen he and his wife were held for 35 to 40 minutes by the Nebraska highway patrol until the agents arrived. The agent commented on the kill Obama stickers until the couple showed him that was not what it said. The agent left with no further comments.
The Secret Service agent commented on the spelling, saying that bot "Kill" and "Obama" were capitalized making it seem like the intention was to "kill obama."  The retired gentleman pointed out that "kill" was the first word in the sentence and was capitalized due to its placement as the beginning of the sentence; and "Obama" is a proper name, thus its reason for capitalization.  The call was soo funny... the government could have saved money by just sending their agents to Grammar 101.