Tuesday, December 08, 2009

BREAKING NEWS (@ Religio-Political At Least) -- Ergun Caner, President of Liberty University, Lying?

I Have to Post This As Much As It Pains Me... I will Post an Update or Retraction If New Evidence Comes to Light -- Which I Doubt

I would post info on similar people of other faiths.  To be fair and truthful here at Religio-Political, I will do the same of my own.  This is a h/t to Truth Exposer.  Truth Exposer (and mokhan247) has a total of ten videos on Ergun... unless he is editing these videos in some way (which I highly doubt), he has exposed a fraud. If he has exposed a fraud, I am glad, the Christian community will reject his into the waste pile of other hypocrites (admittedly, he is up there in position). I just wish their were a larger portion of Islamic society that practiced the same and not Taqiyya.

A Christian Professor named Ergun Mehmet Caner (President of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary) pretends to be an ex-Muslim. Pulls off a great act for quite a long time. That is, until he gets magnificently exposed and torn to shreds by an internet user. This draws the attention of additional online scrutiny and Ergun Caner is finally forced to retract his fake PhD. Epic smackdown and internet More..More.. More..justice. Feel free to contact this fraud at ergun@erguncaner.com. Further contact info can be found at http://xrl.us/bfio7j

It turns out that these ex-muslim videos put up by christians are totally fake. Any Muslim who has basic knowledge can spot this. I suppose its because they cant accept the fact that the videos of christians becoming muslims are actually genuine.




In video #7, Ergun, who has his D.Min on his and his brother's book, Unveiling Islam, which, because of pressure from Mirele, "Ergun Caner's Lies Catch Up To Him (Part 1)," have been removed Ergun Caner as well as him changing his Ph.D. to a Th.D.

Mohammed Khan (creator of the videos above) and "Dr." Ergun Caner have gone rounds... not officially, but if you follow these links you will see how:

  1. Ergun Caner Reponds to Videos
  2. Mohammed Khan (creator of the videos) Writes an Open Letter
  3. Response to Ergun's Post on Videos About Him (Pretty Damning)

Ergun's response in #1 is not really relevant at all and doesn't respond to any of the content of the videos.  The third link seals it for me.  Like I said, if I see any convincing evidence to the contrary, I will post it.  But I think Ergun should step down and the award for Unveiling Islam needs to be rescinded.  Below is a scan of the back of my book "Unveiling Islam."  You can see his D.Min was still listed. (Click to Enlarge)