Monday, November 23, 2009

Catholic Charities (Orphanages for Instance) May Pull Out if D.C. Passes Same-Sex Marriages

As Washington, DC's city council moves closer to legalizing homosexual "marriage," a Christian organization is raising a warning flag.

The DC Election Board has refused an initiative to put the marriage issue before voters. Alan Wisdom of the Institute on Religion & Democracy tells OneNewsNow the city council was offered amendments to protect religious groups, but opted to reject them.
"We at the Institute are warning that this really shows the trajectory of same-sex marriage," notes Wisdom. "The initial appeal is for tolerance, but ultimately same-sex marriage becomes tyranny that is imposed upon Christians and others who support traditional marriage, and they are forced in various ways to accept same-sex marriage."
The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, which provides many social services in DC, has told the council it will stand by its faith, meaning it might have to drop some of its services.
"Catholic charities and other Christian organizations would have to provide benefits to same-sex partners of employees as if they were married," Wisdom explains. "They would have to be willing to place children for adoption with same-sex couples. If they have a marriage counseling program, they would have to open it to same-sex couples and support their relationships."

In essence, Wisdom says the city council is willing to bow to less than three percent of the population and turn against the faith community.