Friday, July 03, 2009

Moonbattery Pointing Out the Obvious, Obama's Revolutionary (Saul Alinsky) Passions

Under Obama Regime, America Now Backs Tyranny Against Liberty

Possibly the most shameful and heartbreaking aspect of the Obama presidency is that until it is finally over, America — which has sacrificed so much blood around the world in defense of liberty — is now on the side of tyranny.

When Hugo Chavez wannabe Manuel Zelaya tried to set himself up as a socialist dictator in Honduras, he was thankfully slapped back into place by Hondurans who want to continue to live in a democracy. Shockingly, the same Comrade Obama who didn't want to get involved by speaking out against Ahmadinejad's thugs shooting women in the streets of Iran came out promptly and strongly on the side of Zelaya. The liberal media that installed Obama in office has unsurprisingly followed suit, by ignoring the story or by mischaracterizing it as a military coup, despite the legislative and judiciary branches acting in unanimous opposition to Zelaya's unconstitutional attempt to do away with term limits.

Hondurans don't appreciate it. Via Flopping Aces: