Friday, July 03, 2009

Elder of Zion Shows How The Propaganda of the Left and "Democracy Now" Callers are Self-Refuting

The ultra-left, Israel-hating program "Democracy Now!" had a special treat yesterday - Mairead Maguire, Irish Nobel peace laureate and Free Gaza freak, called in from the jail in Israel to tell grateful listeners just how evil Israel is for stopping the latest publicity boat from landing.

Maguire spouts the usual lies and absurdities: that Israel threatened to shoot them, that Israel is breaking "every international law in the book," that she thinks that Israel used depleted uranium weapons, that Israel doesn't allow any human rights workers into Gaza, that the moonbats were "in grave danger of actually being killed" and "I really thought that we were all going to drown," and so forth. Somehow she doesn't mention that the Free Gaza people lied to the Cyprus authorities as to their declared destination, or otherwise they wouldn't have been allowed to sail altogether.

Besides the irony of a Nobel Peace Prize winner whose group routinely supports Hamas terrorism and happily poses with and hugs mass murderers, there is a further irony:

  • This evil Israel, the object of her hate and loathing which she claims it treating the freaks of Gaza so badly, is letting her call up an anti-Israel radio show with an audience of millions from her jail. How many democracies, let alone police states, would allow that?