Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jacko's Body Waisted Away

Second Jacko Autopsy Stuns Family -- THE SUN

THE Jackson family were reeling last night after being given the results of a private autopsy they had demanded.

Relatives had asked for their own report on the singer's body after the LA Coroner's office ruled out foul play.

But the second autopsy has confirmed the findings of the first, which were revealed in The Sun on Monday.

The news was broken to Jacko's mother Katherine at her home by the coroner who conducted the private examination.

Family lawyer Brian Oxman said the findings were consistent and that the star's body bore "a number of unique and significant marks and injuries".

He told The Sun: “The second autopsy is done and the coroner came to see Katherine last night.

“Any autopsy report would note a number of unique and significant marks and injuries on the body of Michael Jackson.

“Firstly the four puncture marks on his chest from the needle. Well I’ve seen those marks on his chest — I’ve seen his body — so I know they’re there.

“His weight — we know he was incredibly lean. Regarding baldness, Michael does have a distinctive patch on the side of his head. I know that his brother, who is only six years older, has similar fuzz from losing his hair and has to dye it.

“Regarding the tablets in his stomach — well we know he was taking a lot of prescription drugs. That hasn’t been denied.”

The Sun revealed the singer was a virtual skeleton when he died— barely eating and with only pills in his stomach.

His hips, thighs and shoulders were riddled with needle wounds — believed to be the result of painkiller injections.

There were also four injection sites found above or near to Jacko’s heart. They appeared to be the result of attempts to pump adrenaline directly into the organ in a failed bit to restart it.

And Michael’s doctor has confirmed the dying star was given an adrenaline shot to the heart.

Dr Conrad Murray has claimed paramedics at the scene administered the jab of epinephrine as Jacko lay unconscious on a bed in his LA mansion.

India Times

A mass of surgery scars was also apparently spotted due to at least 13 cosmetic operations, while investigating the cause of King of Pop's shock death in Los Angeles on June 25.

The autopsy purportedly showed the 'Thriller' hitmaker, once hailed for his fitness, was "severely emaciated" 8st 1oz due to his assumed consumption of just one meagre meal a day.

The 5ft 10in star was also said to have virtually lost all his hair, and was discovered sporting a wig when he died. The 50-year-old bared broken ribs caused from CPR while four needle wounds were also found above or near his heart, according to reports.

The autopsy also reportedly showed yet to be explained bruising on Jackson's knees and on the fronts of both Chins, along with cuts on his back.

Further damage was thought to have been brought on by oxygen masks and tubing inserted during failed resuscitation bids.

"Michael's family and fans will be horrified when they realize the appalling state he was in," British tabloid The Sun quoted a source close to Jackson as saying....