Friday, May 01, 2009

EPA Going "Green" (Green Is the New Red -- In Case You Were Wondering)

We all knew this was coming, however, it came quickly. Below is a small portion of a larger article that will spell economic slow down, and the price of goods rising in cost. Not to mention that Obama plans on, yes -- plans on raising gas prices (via cap n' trade) in order to make gas more expensive and in a sense force people to choose alternative forms of transportation (hybrids, which are worse for the environment; and trains and buses). Liberals want to run/change other peoples lives, conservatives want to run/change our own lives. This is just an example:

EPA rapidly reversing Bush policies
Latest reversals cheered by environmentalists

(Wash Times) The Navajo Nation plans to earn $50 million annually by building a coal-fired power plant on its New Mexico reservation. But its plans hit a snag earlier this week, when the Environmental Protection Agency, citing air pollution concerns, moved to revoke a Bush administration permit and block the project.

Similar "green" reversals have grown commonplace at EPA, where Administrator Lisa Jackson has systematically upended the agency's pro-industry tendencies of the past eight years. She has replaced them with decisions that strongly favor environmentalists, a trend that is likely to accelerate as she undertakes a top-to-bottom agency review....

And there's more. At the behest of Earthjustice, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Sierra Club, the agency reversed rules that had allowed "fine particle" smog and soot to be pumped into the atmosphere by industries, mines and farmers.

It also has proposed greenhouse gas reporting mandates on large industrial plants and fuel suppliers, tougher emissions limits on coastal shippers and new limits on cement factory air pollution....
You think energy was expensive before... wait.