Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Angry Left -- Where Is The Tolerance?? (Miss California - Carrie Prejean)

Liberal Hate Speech -- Tow the Line, Or Else!

My wife gets the Victoria's Secret catalog in the mail. Does this mean my wife and I are not Christian's? I guess Christian's need not be employed by businesses that make or display underwear, lingerie, or now apparently even get breast implants. The left and skeptics seem to build straw men arguments by saying what a Christian can-and-cannot do, wear, or augment -- and then attack these supposed stances as proof for their view. If they do do these false premises, they are not Christians. Here is a short "religious" answer to this:

It is wrong to condemn all Christian as hypocrites. Christians do not claim to be perfect. If Christianity claimed to be an organization for perfect people, then all Christians would be hypocrites.Though not all Christians are hypocrites, all Christians are sinners. In fact, admitting that one is a sinner is a prerequisite to belonging to the Church. Public acknowledgment of one’s sinful condition is a condition for membership. Though hypocrisy is a sin, being a sinner does not necessarily make someone guilty of hypocrisy. The terms sinner and hypocrite are not synonyms.

Many skeptics are actually guilty of imposing a double standard on Christians. They expect Christians to hold to standards they themselves could never dream of attain. Moreover, when Christians do try and live up to these standards, they are often accused of false piety and pretense.Christians are not perfect; they are forgiven. They are seeking to become more Christ-like and Godly in their conduct. The vast majority of Christians fall into this category. They are sincerely striving to live the Christian life.

When someone charges that the Church is full of hypocrites, they are really implying that because Christians fall short, Christianity also falls short. The central truth of Christianity does not rest in the performance of its followers but in the merit of its founder. Christianity stands or falls with the person of Jesus Christ. Thus, the real question is not are there hypocrites in the church, but rather, was Christ a hypocrite?

Feminists should all be out rallying around this gal for the anti-woman remarks made by her. But they are not. This fact goes a long way to show that these are not truly feminist but "feminazis." I have posted a long paper on this topic (Women & Religion) that starts out with a gnostic feminist attack on theology, and later ending with a secular critique on modern feminism. Even Bill Maher agrees that this problem (intolerance for others views) is a problem for the left.

An Example of this straw-man

One should take these arguments and apply them to her or his own arguments. This is typically what I ask others to do.