Friday, March 20, 2009

Chinese Brutality Towards Tibetans Exposed (GRAPHIC FOOTAGE - WARNING)

Notes I put on the video at my LiveLeak account”

Horrific video of Chinese officials beating and killing its citizens. This video should be passed on and support for this atheistic religious group should be made, as the Christians should be supported in the Sudan.

However, I must point out that to say this act is wrong is to borrow from the Judeo-Christian worldview, for reincarnation teaches that these people being beat are merely reaping what they have done in a previous lifetime. The Buddha said in regards to one's working out his own karma is that each person "is an island unto himself." Interfering, then, with another’s karmic journey is a crime in Eastern thought. So when you feel the urge to stop such brutality, realize that you are going against the feelings of atheism and Buddhism/Hinduism.