Thursday, February 19, 2009

Soaking Prayer & Contemplative Prayer -- Really Avenues for Altered States of Consciousness

I wish to thank the Museum of Idolatry for driving me to post on this topic.

Some people think this is new, Soaking Prayer. May I posit that New Age adherents have been doing this long before Christians... thus, making this practice non-Christian, and related to Eastern meditation before it is related to Scripture.

Soaking Prayer Service (700 Club)

These types of non-discerning applications of prayer, faith, and spiritual encounters have led many to follow Eastern philosophy and new age doctrines as something that is Scripturally acceptable. For example: the first “expert” on “contemplative prayer” shown in the DVD Be Still, is a person who in the first edition of his book Celebration of Discipline, that Christians should have “out-of-body” experiences:

"[I]n your imagination allow your spiritual body, shining with light, to rise out of your physical body. Look back so that you can see yourself lying in the grass and reassure your body that you will return momentarily ... Go deeper and deeper into outer space until there is nothing except the warm presence of the eternal Creator. Rest in His presence."

These types of non-discernment lead to people inviting spirit guides (i.e. demons) into their lives and end up like this guy:

Jim Crowder and possible demonic encounter