Wednesday, February 18, 2009

REVOLT... Is It Coming? Some Say Yes

I disagree somewhat with this summation, however, with the government starting to take over businesses like they are, this may in fact come to fruition. Postmodernism is another indicator of how this may happen as well... people do not know their history enough to latch on to anything but material goods... so this might not be a "tax revolt" as much as a misguided "revolution."

The banks may not only become "Swedinized," but the rest of government as well as the private sector. (No one will fill these businesses vacant spaces because of direct government obstruction, that is the answer... less government, more chance of the entrepreneur to come up. and fill these vacancies) Could this tax revolt be put down any other way but by WACO means? I am somewhat leery of Russia Today TV, however, some of what this commentator has to say is spot on -- not only political, but eschatological as well. Interesting. I wish to thank some readers in Florida for this hat tip.

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