Wednesday, December 17, 2008

There are Lies, And Then There Are Damn Lies!

  • As it turns out: DDT isn't dangerous, Alger Hiss was a spy, the Rosenbergs were guilty, the Samoans weren't promiscuous, one-our-of-four women aren't rape victims, AIDS isn't a threat to "everyone"...


  • They've had to rename "global warming" "climate change" to cover up the fact that "global warming" has turned out to be the Lock Ness Monster of weather.
  • No one yelled "Kill him" (meaning Obama) at a Sarah Palin rally. (And those Palin rallies were much bigger than reported in the MSM)
  • McCain knows exactly where Spain is
  • That "Iraqi" journalist who threw two shoes at Bush is actually a pro-Saddam Egyptian.