Saturday, December 20, 2008

Roger Clinton Chopping & Snorting Coke (Late 80's/Early 90's)

"My brother's got a nose like a vacuum cleaner"
~Roger Clinton about Bill Clinton

I posted the above video because the Left is going to go nuts over Osama Bin Olbermans making a big deal about the future mother-in-law of Palin's daughter got busted for drug dealing. Not many of the "new" voters who will be making a big of what is below remember that Bill Clinton was directly involved in covering up one of the biggest drug runners in his state as governor. Bill couldn't have one of the people close to him getting into the headlines with his goals of becoming President... and that bulbous red nose of his he wasn't born with... so keep the above in mind as you watch the below as King Olby pronounces.

A top congressional staffer has revealed to this publication that Clinton has been treated for an illness called a "perforated septum." This is a medical condition caused by the heavy and prolonged use of cocaine.

This condition occurs when the cartilage separating the two passages of the nose is eaten away from the frequent inhalation of cocaine. The divider, or septum, is literally burned away by the drub. Such a condition can only be treated through delicate surgery.

Longtime Clinton mistress Sally Perdue has publicly stated that she saw Clinton prepare a "line" of cocaine in her living room. She said that Clinton was no amateur, "he had all of the equipment laid out, like a real pro."

On the David Brinkley TV show aired Sunday, September 15, Sam Donaldson stated that rumors were flying in Washington over the hidden item in Clinton's medical records. Donaldson repeated the evasive but unwittingly revealing reply given by White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry in justifying this secrecy on Clinton's records. He claimed that Clinton had not revealed his complete medical records because it would be "embarrassing." ...

Later the word "embarrassing" was changed to "confidential." ....