Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mitt and the Priesthood

A commentary on Mitt Romney and some of his religious beliefs is finally in order. I have mulled this over in my mind a bit and chewed on it quite a bit. The Mormon Church has as part of its theology the belief that a man who follows the edicts of the church will become a god, just as much as the god of this earth is god. In Mormon theology what you have is a belief that the god of this world, “Heavenly Father,” was once a man himself on another planet and he may have had a similar program of salvation to follow in order to become the god of his own world. This person probably wasn’t the only person to receive godhood from that particular world, but he is definitely the only one that is god of our planet/solar system.

Ingrained in Mormon theology, then, is the theology of becoming a god. However, a person, after being born in a sexual act between Heavenly Father and one of his wives (while polygamy was stopped here – as the United States army was marching towards Utah) one has the possibility of becoming a god before attaining their physical body here on earth in order to follow the LDS theology. Jesus is a prime example of this. Jesus was the first born to Heavenly Father and most likely the most senior Heavenly mother. Yes, Lucifer is also a half-brother of Jesus, as well as you and I. In fact, we are all half-brothers and sisters according to Mormon theology. That is beside the point. Jesus, while in “heaven,” really the planet Kolob according to The Pearle of Great Price, attained godhood BEFORE he came to earth.

This is a scary concept, or should I say theology. We could for the very first time have in office someone who has a theology that he can become a god. Not only that, there is precedence that there is a possibility that godhood could come early. For the non-believer this should raise an eyebrow… we have all heard about a “Messiah-Complex,” but here I offer you a person who has a theology based in a “God-Complex.”

When I get Mitt telling me he doesn’t wear the underwear required of him, I will ease my doubts about voting for him. I only use this example of the underwear (Temple garments) that many wear not as a simple religious proof of their commitment to Joseph Smith’s teachings, but they wear it as part of their theology of attaining godhood… which is the goal of the church and the men who understand what the church wants.