Thursday, September 27, 2007

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Speaking as an ex-three-time felon, church should be part of the program. Changing one’s outlook on reality (a worldview revision) will increase greatly someone’s view of the importance of human life and property. If a person has no worldview emphasizing this importance, they will not view life and liberty as anything important to support (here I am talking about murder and theft, rape, and the like). A complete overhaul in one’s worldview is sometimes needed – e.g., changing the inner-man – in order to change “the man” himself. Speaking from experience.

World Net Daily (props)

Adviser fired when kids attend church

'Policy requires youth workers or juvenile offenders to leave'

A law firm is taking up the case of a youth services agency worker in Tampa, Fla., who was dismissed from his job after some of the juvenile offenders with whom he worked also went to his church….

….Mathew Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel and dean of the Liberty University school of law, said such a policy banning such attendance must not be allowed to stand.

Liberty Counsel's lawsuit is over the dismissal of Dennis Hughes and names as a defendant the youth services agency that terminated him when he refused to stop allowing troubled teens in its program to attend his church and its activities.

Also named in the lawsuit is the agency that manages the program and "orchestrated" his dismissal, the University Area Community Development Corp., officials said.

Hughes was a case manager for Bay Area Youth Service in the Prodigy Cultural Arts Program, which provides case management services for juvenile offenders. If a juvenile completes the program, the state's criminal charges in the case are dropped, officials said.

Since BAYS gets all of its revenue from the state of Florida, it operates as an arm of the state.

"But Florida has no law forbidding church leaders from attending functions with juvenile offenders in state programs," the law firm said.