Friday, September 28, 2007

Democrats Cannot Fight a War... at all

This Makes Me So MAD!!

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Liberal Democrats make me soo mad at times, and this story is just an example of why I have the “tag” Crazy Democrats and Crazy Libs.

Hot Air (props)

Until these people get their heads out of their butts and into the war that will be fought for a good many years yet to come – like the Cold War – we will always be on the loosing end of this intelligence monitoring stick. Which means another 9/11.



This is how I see Bush's HORRIBLE performance on the border issue.

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The neo-cons (who are to the left of me and the true conservatives in Congress -- did you get that? -- they are closer to you than I am in their thinking on the home front) are going to get my community (SoCal) hurt with their bogging down an easy fix.