Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Young Martyrs

The Religion of Peace…

Or is it “Pieces?”

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What I have here is a few clips of the teaching of children to die in martyrdom acts for Allah. For those who do not think we are in a war… you will be in a few years after this “Hitler Youth” of the Middle-East grows up. Changing the hearts and minds of these people should be our main priority. If we cannot, they will come to America or to the only democracy in the Middle-East (Israel), and attack us/them.

The question to this three-year-old is who called the Jews Apes and Pigs. The answer, Allah, in the Koran.

This next video I want you to pay attention to the interviewers question. He asks what is better, to die a martyr or to have a country and rights for Palestinians.

Crazy People We Are Fighting.