Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The New Republic Magazine -- Caught AGAIN -- Lying

The New Republic Eating Their Words

As well as all those who supported their article!

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First off, I want to thank Little Green Footballs for the link to this story. It was a pleasure to read through.

If you do not know the story, I will give you a quick synopsis. A Left leaning publication, The New Republic, which has stepped away from their past of being an anti-communist Democratic outlet to its modern day socialist supporting “blogger” style printing, has printed a few stories from a military person who insists that many atrocities have taken place on his watch. The New Republic ran three stories backing the accusations of this soldier… without checking them out. The reason they didn’t check it out? The soldier was married to a staffer, so they just considered it a good source… without revealing this fact of marriage of course. Talk about conflict of interst!

At any rate, the guys over at the Weekly Standard, the exact opposite of the New Republic (but they check their sources out), did some digging and found many inaccuracies. So it was a “publish war,” and the facts prevailed. So below is a link to the many people who came out initially to support the Beauchamp story in the New Republic, and in the course of this defense they stuck their “feet in their mouths,” happily so for us poli-sci elite.

Enjoy the link, it is worth reading. Also, I am linking this site in my “blog row” section for further perusing.

Shield of Achilles – Beauchamp Controversy: Many Foots in Mouths

For those who do not like reading… that’s a few of you (mainly my friends), here are some video clips to watch: