Friday, March 02, 2007

Blackness Scale (SNL & More)

(Hat-Tip: HotAir)

People are so concerned with ethnicity and race – almost always on the democratic side – that this is what they get. Our coins say E. Pluribus Unum, “From Many One.” What the Left wants is E. Pluribus Pluribus, “From many many.” Truly it is sad that we are now so fractured that this concept is splintering the black American population. I will have to admit though, according to Thomas Sowell in his many books points out that racial discontent within the black community has always been there. The first black Ph.D holder in American history was subjected to this “not really ‘black’” thinking. This is really more a commentary on the CULTURE that the black community holds rather than their racist/prejudiced views.

I guess we need new categories for black people… this was joked about in a movie (Black-Tino American)… what is funny is that reality is just as crazy as the movies - or, visa-versa.

Mixed Race Flow Chart

SNL Did a Chart as Well

Colbert is a Comedian… His Guest is Serious (although... it seems the roles should be reversed in this instance)

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