Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day In Uganda

APA-Kampala(Uganda) Ugandans will on Wednesday, March 17 mark ten years since a religious cult in Western Uganda caused death of over 1000 followers.

The cult, known as Restoration of the ten commandments was led by a former school teacher and church leader, Joseph Kibwetere with the help of a priest, Dominic Kataribaabo and a former bar maid Cledonia Mwerinde.
The cult based in Kanungu district near Uganda’s south western border with Eastern DR Congo, is said to have locked the believers in a huge church hall before using petrol to set it on fire.
The cult leaders had been preaching the end of the world come the year 2000 and had convinced the believers to give up all their possessions as they awaited the second coming of Jesus....

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