Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jesse James Cheated on Sandra Bullock -- What An Ass! (I Am Commenting On Jesse James, Not On His Mistress)

UPDATE: I found out through a friend that another close friend told a story of being on the set of a Sandra Bullock film and her proclivity of making "sex toys" out of a guy or two on set while with Jesse... in fact her assistant used to keep Jesse away for a few day period to ensure secrecy.  

So maybe Jesse was getting back at her? If a guy were to make a statement about cheating on a gal who has herself cheated on him for years with many people, this gal (below) would be about the loudest statement one could make. She's pretty, and very noticeable. Who knows. They're all nuts!

Disgraceful... especially after this wonderful, heartfelt shout-out to Jesse (begins at 1:13):