Monday, March 08, 2010

Lunar Conspiracy Theory Debunked

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Image Courtesy NASA
Conspiracy theories by people holding the belief that the Apollo Moon landings were faked continue to suffer from photographic evidence garnered by modern space probes. First there was the image of the Apollo 14 landing site taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, with the Antares descent module and the tracks made by the astronauts clearly in evidence. Now the Indian Chandrayaan-1, recently lost, has taken images of the Apollo 15 site with the tracks of the lunar rover clearly in evidence.
Moon landing conspiracy theorists have, for many years, maintained that the Moon landings were faked on a movie set, for reasons that remain obscure. Claims of “evidence” of Moon landing fakery, including a “waving” US flag and a starless dark sky have been thoroughly debunked, most recently in a now celebrated episode of the Mythbusters, which used scientific experiments to prove that men did indeed walk on the Moon.
Now there is actual photographic evidence, some from a party other than NASA. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter images of Apollo 14’s landing site has been compared side by side with the 1960s era Lunar Orbiter image that shows no lunar descent stage and no astronaut tracks.
Will this be the end of it? Likely not. Claims of images being photoshopped are likely. The one aspect about conspiracy theories holds true. They are impervious to evidence.