Saturday, February 13, 2010

Obama, Another Marxist Proof

(Libertarian Republican import)

John Drew, Ph.D has now revealed his former acquaintance Barack Obama's Marxist background.
Drew being interviewed yesterday on Breitbart TV:
I visted her [ex-girlfriend] at her home in Palo Alto, and young Barack Obama showed up with basically his closest friend Hasan Chaandu. And they both showed up, and ya know, we all went out to dinner, and parties, and smoked cigarettes, and did what young Marxists do. We basically argued politics...

I did not take my status as a Marxist Revolutionary lightly in 1980. For me it was a serious business. It meant to me that I was an enemy of the US Government in a sense. It meant that I was an enemy of the wealthy people who were ruling the country... and it meant that I was willing to take the sacrifices necessary to... be part of a revolutionary movement that overthrew it. So for me, being a Marxist college student wasn't a light-hearted romp n the park... it was a dead serious statement.

When Carolyn told me Barack was coming up for a visit, she basically introduced him as "he's one of us." And what she meant by that was that he was on our team, a blood brother, member of this revolutionary elite that was going to turn around our country when the revolution hit.

When I met him, he wasn't just some sort of idle explorer of intellectual Marxism; he was good. I know this is kind of incendiary, but he was basically a Marxist-Leninist.

He believed that there was a revolutionary class that was going to turn around our whole nation, ya know redistribute wealth, change control over private property. I think in Dreams of My Father he explains that he liked to "hang out" with Marxist professors. But where he's deceiving the public is that he doesn't explain that he's in total, 100% agreement with those Marxist professors.....
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