Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NPR vs. (Scratch That) -- er, Joins Rasmussen

HotAir has a great story on the swaying voter dislike of the road the Obama administration is taking them:

The president has said he’ll talk about economic growth — the top priority for voters, according to a new survey conducted by Republican Glen Bolger and Democrat Stan Greenberg. The poll of 800 likely voters also finds that opinion has soured on Obama’s No. 1 legislative priority this year: an overhaul of the country’s health care system.
The poll holds plenty of danger signs for the Democrats. In one indicator studied closely by both parties ahead of midterm elections, likely voters chose an unnamed Republican candidate by 5 percentage points over the Democrat on a hypothetical congressional ballot.
And, Bolger points out, that edge is more pronounced among people whose interest in the midterms is high.
“So while it’s a 5-point lead overall, among the most interested voters, that lead doubles,” Bolger says. “And we saw that take effect in Virginia; we saw it took effect in [the] New Jersey gubernatorial race; and we saw it take effect in the Massachusetts Senate race as well.”
Make sure you follow the links about the war on Rasmussen. Here is a bit from NPR:

If the 2010 elections for United States Congress were being held today, for whom would you vote: the Republican candidate or the Democratic candidate in this district?