Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some "Global 'Warming'" Articles

Carbon Claim: Pets worse than SUVS...
Build-A-Bear Warns Kids that Santa Claus May Cancel Christmas Due to 'Global Warming'...
Carbon prices plunge in wake of 'disappointing' Copenhagen summit...
Minnesota braces for 'snowiest Christmas in 30 years'...
Winter freeze kills 79 in Poland...
'GLOBAL WARMING' FIX? Hose up to stratosphere with balloons; Pump out sulfur particles...
The Road From Copenhagen - Ed Miliband, The Guardian
Why the Grinch is so Green - Ralph Reiland, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Obama Does it Again in Copenhagen - New York Post
11th Hour Climate Deal Better Than Nothing - Barely - Boston Globe
Obama's Copenhagen Deal - David Corn & Kate Sheppard, The Nation
Obama's Speech at the U.N. Climate Change Conference - Barack Obama
The Copenhagen PR Scam - National Post
Time Running Out in Copenhagen - New York Times
Secretary Clinton at the Copenhagen Climate Conference - Hillary Clinton
Will Obama Unveil a Surprise in Copenhagen? - David Corn, Mother Jones
Gore Faces an Inconvenient Truth - Devlin, Webster & Naughton, The Times
Palin's Climate 'Epiphany' - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
Beware Those Trying to Save Us - Ben Stein, The American Spectator
A Climate Shakedown - Orange County Register
What's Rotten for Obama in Denmark - John Broder, New York Times
How to Finance a Climate Change Fund - George Soros, The Guardian
The EPA's Carbon Bomb Fizzles - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
The Scientific War on Science - Michael Gerson
Fresh Air in Copenhagen - Washington Post
As Climate Meeting Starts, a Revival of Skepticism - Revkin & Broder, NYT
Copenhagen Must Be a Turning Point - PM Gordon Brown, The Guardian
Why Copenhagen is All Hot Air - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Science of Warming Now a Hot Debate - Fahrenthold & Eilperin, Wash Post
Scientists Behaving Badly - Steven Hayward, Weekly Standard