Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good News Out of the Obama Administration (Debka email update)

Obama Enlists Both Clintons to stop a Palestinian state
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

14 Nov. Mahmoud Abbas has been warned by the Obama administration to give up his plan for a unilateral declaration of the Islamic Republic of Palestinian within 1967 or 1949 borders with Jerusalem is capital. 

Due in Ramallah Sunday, Nov. 15, is a covey of US presidential emissaries led by former president Bill Clinton whose mission is to deter Abbas, who is flatly refusing to restart peace negotiations with Israel and talking about the Kosovo 2008 precedent.

Abbas has his work cut out to work his way through insurmountable thickets on his home ground: Under the Palestinian constitution, his presidency, government and parliament are illegitimate. He first tried scheduling an election to Palestinian institutions for Jan. 24, 2010, to rectify this lacuna and validate his government, only to discover that the legal difficulties besetting the Palestinian Authority and its rule of the West Bank (the Gaza Strip is ruled by Hamas) were fraught with complications. Above all, unlike that Balkan enclave, the Palestinians are split between two illegal entities, the Fatah-ruled West Bank and the Gaza Strip under Hamas rule.