Sunday, July 26, 2009

Conservative Black Woman's Take On Gates/Crowley

The Self Described Blackest Man On The Internet Calls Out "Skip" Gates On His High Profile "Bitch-Assness" (my words not his)

Blogger under the alias Denmark Vesey who describes himself as "the blackest man on the internet" says the following regarding Professor Gates:

"If you call yourself "Skip",
If you marry a woman who looks like Edith Bunker,
If your claim to fame is to have been allowed to work at Harvard,
If you are known as a preeminent black scholar and writer but no black people can quote you,
If you identify yourself as "Half-white",
If you identify your children as "Half-white",
If you are proud of the fact you live in a "white" neighborhood,
If when you move into a new house you report to the local precinct to introduce yourself to the police ...The first time a police officer upsets you - You Cannot Yell "It's Because I'm A Black Man In America!"

No. It is because you are a Plantation Negro in a white neighborhood."

Dang....I couldn't have said it better myself. He goes on to say in comments and this is just beautiful....

"Gates is making a bitch move by implying his actions had nothing to do with what happened and that it was strictly a function of his skin color.Ya'll Plantation Negros still think "blackness" is a game of mindless group identity victim politics.When bad shit happens "Itz Cuz Iz Bwak!"